Caught at school

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I woke up late for school and I just threw my clothes on. I didn’t realize that I was wearing one of my mom’s huge sexy bras, low baggy shorts with no underwear, and a thin tank top. I just sighed and hoped that I could get through that day. During the early periods I got a lot of stares. However, during lunch some of the bullies said, “Look at Christy! Her boobs and butt crack are showing! Why don’t we just take everything off?” He ran for me and pinned me down(the teachers weren’t there at that time) He ripped off my shirt and cut it up into pieces. He unhooked my bra, exposing my medium sized boobs. He slowly slid the shorts down my legs, revealing my pubic hairs and pussy. By this time I was screaming! Everyone laughed and wanted to touch me. I was completely naked in front of the entire senior class!! I started crying. The bully mocked me and said I was a little baby. Scared out of my mind, I peed all over the floor. The bully gently wiped my pussy and laughed. I was in hysterics. Fortunately the teacher had come back and saved me. The school expelled the bully and all of the kids who had touched me.