Walking in on the hottest yet awkward thing

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  1. I’m 18
    I have a very attractive cousin. She’s so sexy. She’s 24. Her boobs are perfect. There 36DD. She is the most forgiving person I know. She is the opposite of a snitch. I go over her house to play Kinect games with her. I know she knows the only reason I go over her house is to look at her massive tits bounce up and down when she’s jumping around. She’s caught me looking at her tits multiple times. She’s caught me trying to spy on her nude in her room or shower and she’s never tells anybody. Eventually she just started to let me see her nude and she doesn’t care. She’s pretty open but that’s the most she will do. The most embarrassing thing is what happens a couple months ago. I walked in her room to see her masterbating butt naked on her bad. She saw me and yelled what the fuck are u doing in here. I didn’t know what to say. After a moment of silence she simply said don’t tell anyone and she continued rubbing her pussy with me watching.