talent show


My name is mathew, and I was 16 when this happened my town puts on a talent show each December. My dad and I always complete but never win. So at the beginning of November he tells me that this year we will win. I said well what’s your idea, he said combination of the towel dance, and the balloon dance. I laughed but he was serious. I kept saying no, but eventually I caved because I thought haha funny underwear dance or something. But he wanted us to be legitimately naked. I did say fine, so I went with it. He left got two towels and said to get undressed so I did and came back in my boxers, he said no we need to see each other now so as to get used to it I said fine I wrapped the towel around removed my boxers and on the count of three we dropped our towels. And looked at each other, he said “huh, that’s what you look like now.” So during this my mom walks in and said “wow didn’t think you would want to do this with us. I said “US!” “That’s right” then I found out that my mom was going to be part of it, taking one towel when we share one and popping balloons. So we worked at it and when it came show night my mom was sick so my younger sister who was 8 took her part and popped the wrong balloons, leaving me fully naked on stage. We did win though and we did a rendition for my grandma’s 70th birthday with my cousins Jonathan 17, Adam 21, and Donovan 18 with my sister popping all of our balloons again. And I don’t think twice about walking around naked every once and a while