Embarressing video gone public!

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I had a Youtube channel years ago and I had reached 50 subscribers. I thought “Why don’t I upload a singing video?”

So i Did…

A couple of days later I realise how bad it was and deleted it.

Someone in my school who hates downloaded the video before hand. Kind of creppy right?

A month passes and then the creepy guy shows me a usb stick and tells me that its on it.

I didnt think much of it until he tried to play it during a lesson I was in.

When I saw him play it I rushed to the computer to stop it, but it was too late.

A video of me singing ‘My Heart will go on’ From Titanic started playing. I had no other option but to pull the power chord. That moment killed me on the inside. No one ever forgot me swearing the whole Titanic song out loud… Even my teacher was laughing