Naked Dare

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Hi, my name’s Emily and back when i was in 7th grade, me and my friends decided to have a dare competition where the whole group dares a person to do something. The only rule was that it couldn’t result in police showing up. So this is about my turn. MY friends had dared me to run through our school completely naked and wear a mask so i didn’t get in trouble. I was to start right after the last bell rang so i could get into my older sisters car before anyone chased after me. It was Friday so our teacher let us out 5 minuets early, so it gave me more time. Me and my friends went straight to the gym lockers rooms so i could strip. And just as the bell rang i threw the mask on and ran as fast as i could through the halls, out the door and into the parking lot. But there was one problem, MY SISTER WAS LATE!! So i was forced to duck around corners for a few minuets until she came. I almost killed her for it, and she also forgot a spare change of clothes so i had to ride home naked. And i know some people saw me even as i was ducking down in the seat. I also had to spend the rest of the night naked as part of the dare, but that was way easier.