Do your trunks hang low?

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It was primary school. We had started swimming lessons for safety n stuff in water. every one in my class wore these sort of one piece outfits while I just wore trunks with nothing under, I ignored that though. I was in the top group and we were doing dives off a really high board I was in front of my enemy in the line but I didn’t really notice him until later. It was my turn to jump off and just as I was about to jump my enemy pulled down my trunks, everyone in the pool laughed but then I turned around to see who did it and I saw enemy and  he pushed me off the board backwards holding my trunks in this hands. Now I though before there was enough laughter but now there was an up roar of laughter in the pool towards me. My enemy was nearly crying with laughter at the top of the board. I was trying to cover myself up but then a group of girls lifted me up for everyone to see while giggling. I share a class with my crush and I saw her looking at my dick and laughing harder than anyone in the pool. The group of girls threw me up to a place with no water so everyone could still see. After that jazz I waited till it was time to go and bolted to the changing rooms so I wasn’t naked anymore. But the boys thought it would be funny to take my changing bag (which also contains my only towel) and bring it outside and throw it over a fence. I begged everyone to give me a towel but they were all in on it. I had to sit on the bus completely naked in front of the people in my class and a group of strangers back to school (Surprisingly no teachers saw me suffer) I thought by now I would have some cloths on but no, I had to walk home naked too. I didn’t even bother to explain to my parents what happened.