Dare gone wrong

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At my birthday party I invited my entire class. We were playing truth or dare and everyone was giving the most embarrassing dares I had ever seen, One of them was someone had to wear nothing underneath his t-shirt and another was that you had to go outside only in your underpants, and surprisingly everyone did them. It finally got to me and some did a big one. They said “Now I dare the birthday boy tomorrow at school to get completely naked in the fog at lunchtime and stay like that until the end of lunchtime. Everybody oood and aaaad at that, I didn’t want to be a wimp and be brave like everybody else and accepted it. The next day everybody from my class came with me to the field to see if I was gonna do it. I took a deep breathe and got naked, I left all my clothes in a pile so I could easily retrieve them. I started to walk around the fog, and it wasn’t so bad It was like my own wonderland, when the bell went everybody went back to class, I where I put my pile of clothes and they were nowhere to be seen. I was shocked. I covered myself up and went into the non foggy parts of the school to look for them. I couldn’t find them anywhere, so I had to go back to class in nothing. Everybody knew what was happening when I came back to class, they all laughed at me and my teacher just looked at my shocked, she eventually shouted “WHY ARE YOU NAKED” to me and I tried to but couldn’t explain. She sent me to the principals office and boy, it was really embarrassing. I walked in the office naked, and the principal was shocked, I told her exactly what happened and she understood. She gave me some cloths to wear for the rest of the day. The next day we had an assembly about what happened and the principal forgot to keep me anonymous and used my real name, she told everyone what happened and why we shouldn’t do these sort of things, no one was paying attention, they were just pointing and laughing at me. The next day someone from my class messaged me a video on facebook. It was a video of them taking my cloths and filming me run naked. The person told me that one of my friends sent it to him. I later found out that one person who happened to be friends with most of the people at our school on facebook and shared the video. I wanted to die at that point. When I got back to school everyone was calling me names and making fun of me and I was walking past and someone said to one of the people who dared me that he didn’t get to see the video cause he doesn’t have facebook. He said he would let him see what happened and ran up to me, put my shirt over my head and pulled down my shorts and underwear. I ended up switching schools after that incident.