Naked in clinic waiting room


Once when I was 14 I fell ill and mom took me to doctor. Upon checking me, the doctor found some rashes on chest so he asked told me to remove my shirt to see them better. Soon it became obvious that the rashes were on my entire upper body, so the doctor called my mom and informed her that he would like to see these rashes in sunlight and does she mind if he takes me to the clinic’s waiting room where he can inspect me near a window – mom was ok with it.

So all there of us went to the waiting room. There was one girl (around my age or less) with her mom. I wasn’t comfortable with the girl and her mom around but doctor started checking me and then told mom that it seems some kind of infection and he will prescribe lotion for it but he was to check if other body parts also have rashes or not, again mom agreed and the doctor ordered me to remove my pants. I was horrified and refused, only to be told by mom that its for my good etc and finally I removed my pants. Surely there were rashes on my thighs and after this it became a necessity to check the only parts of my body left covered. This time doctor didn’t ask, just looked at my mom who nodded. Without waiting for me to do it, the doctor himself stripped my briefs. Luckily there were no rashes there. We went back to the consulting room where doctor gave us the prescription and we were good to go. Once we came back to the waiting room, mom said its weird how a couple of minutes back you were ashamed to even remove your pants and now are standing completely naked in front of them. It was then I realized I had not worn my clothes again after the check up.