Humiliated in school

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I go to Catholic school where you can get spanked and hit with rulers for begin bad. I got caught cheating on a finals test in one of my classes and the teacher brought me to the front to make an example of me. She paddled me like 6 times on my butt then made me take my pants off, and then even my underwear right in front of everyone. I had to stand with my hands behind my head and get paddled on my naked butt right in front of everyone with my penis on full show. Everyone laughed at my small penis and after 5 minutes of getting spanked on the butt naked my dick started getting hard. Everyone was laughing and pointing and I was so embarrassed I tried to cover up but the teacher would not let me. She made me keep my hands behind my head and kept spanking me with my boner bobbing all around for all to see. The teacher got mad at me for getting a boner while getting punished so ordered me to jerk off and keep jerking off while she paddled me across the butt. Everyone laughed hysterically watching me get spanked while having to jerk off. I wound up squirting cum all over right in front of the whole class as they exploded in laughter at me. It was the most humiliating thing ever