Revenge on bully brother

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my entire life my big brother, he is 21 and im 18 has always bullied and our mom me including things like pulling my top off in public and making fun of my breast size and i never understood why until now…he has a very tiny penis!!!  im not talking like a little below average but like a babies. anyway he had stumbled home drunk last week and started taking off his clothes on his way to his room right in front of me and my best friend, he didnt even notice e were there, until he was in nothing but his underwear and then went to his room. we followed him make sure he made it there ok and when we entered the room where was  completely naked and there it was the tiniest penis both me and my friend have ever seen we broke out laughing but he was to drunk to wake up so i figured this was my chance at payback and i snapped a few photos and left. we talked after and decided to give him the benefit that he was soft and that it could be bigger until the next morning. our mom decided to go in and wake him up and we remembered he was still naked so we followed to see her reaction and we when in his little baby dick standing about 2 inches or so tall we all ran out of there laughing so hard making jokes to ourselves we begged my mom to let us go take a few more pics for everything hes done to us so we id and mom called her best friend and her daughter who are also our neighbors to come get a look as he has done some things to them too. we all left to get some breakfast and didnt say a word when he came out for some we just sat there smiling and making some jokes that went right over his head its nice knowing he not really my big brother but more by “little” brother. we really got him back yesterday at the waterpark, he was talking to this pretty attractive girl working there showing off and i wasnt going to do anything until he started making fun of me to show how big of a man he is so he decided to go down the ride backwards and i decided to pull his trunks right off. he went down the ride completely naked but got caught at the end so he was hanging completely naked from the ride with his babt dick exposed for the park to see it took about 20 minutes for the  park workers to get him down they gave him a towel and left the girl he was talking to started making small penis signs at him and a lot of people joined in i started to feel bad for him until i remembered all he has done to me my mom and others. i whispered to my mom to bad his humiliation is over and she said almost and then ripped his towel off and then he had to run naked to the other side of the park to the locker room as we and some others followed and watched him run into the womens on accident so then he was asked to leave while so many laughed and made fun of his tiny penis. we made fun on the way home and told him about the pics i said we would delete them if his said sorry for everything and he told us to screw off except in a worse way so i decided to post the moment here and others and offer to send th pics to whoever wants them let me know in the comments.