Sports Fan Mom Horror Story


This is a different embarrassing moment. It does not involve sex or nudity, but it was still quite embarrassing.

My sports-minded younger brother tried out for the basketball team his freshman year in high school. He did not make it, but he did make it his second year as a reserve. Mom and I were happy for him and went to his first game to cheer him on.

When the starting five were introduced, with brother on the bench, my mom started booing and then yelled, “We want number 22! (Brother’s number.) We want Jones! (Not our real family name.) Everyone turned and looked. I was embarrassed and told mom to sit down. She said she was cheering for her son and no one can tell her to stop. I looked at the bench. Brother heard mom and he looked pretty embarrassed. Mom kept this up all through the game. Just into the second half, brother got in for a few minutes and mom went nuts. When he made a turn-over, Mom yelled at the ref to call a foul. Everyone was looking and giving us the eye.

Brother did not do too badly. He got off two shots and one went in. He picked up two rebounds and had a pair of assists in five minutes. But after the game, he was pretty upset. His teammates did not appreciate mom’s behavior. We both tried to talk to mom, but she insisted she did nothing wrong. She continued to go to the games until halfway through the season brother quit. He was a pretty good player, but mom was just too much. Sad really.  Brother really enjoyed the practices but the games were pure hell thanks to mom.