Pantsing Betrayal

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I had a little brother Ronny I used to torment constantly. Yeah, I didn’t like him all that much, but my main reason was because he was too small to fight back. That’s as good a reason as any.

So this happened when he was 11 and I was 16. I had never pants him before, but I thought I would give it a try. I told my BFF Ellen about my plan to do it that Saturday at the pool at our community center. There would be lots of people there, including some girls Ronny’s age whom we all knew and who would enjoy the show.

So that Saturday, Ronny was standing beside the pool wearing his trunks. He seemed totally unaware of what was going to happen. I snuck up behind him and pulled his trunks below his knees. But looking up I could see he had his navy blue speedo on underneath. I was caught off-guard as Ronny turned to look at me with this evil grin. Suddenly I felt a tug. Two of Ronny’s older friends came up behind me. One pulled the string on the bra part of my two-piece and snatched it from off me bearing my breasts. The other pulled the panty portion down to my feet exposing everything else. I immediately started screaming calling everyone’s attention to me. I tried to move to at least grab my bottoms, but my feet go tangled and I fell into the pool. Ronny followed me in grabbing my bottoms and tossing them to his friends.

Everyone was laughing. I was half angry and half humiliated. I was near tears asking for my suit back as I stayed under water up to my chin. Finally a classmate named Eddie came by and told the boys to give him my bathing suit. I thought Eddie came to my rescue, but instead he headed towards the diving boards. He climbed to the top of the high dive leaving my suit up there, then diving into the water. Eddie swam to me and pointed where my suit was. “Go get it,” he said.

I had no choice. I swam over to where the diving boards were giving everyone another look at my butt. I then had to figure out how to cover myself as I climbed out of the pool. I needed one hand to climb the stair. So I kept one arm over my breasts letting everyone see my pussy. I was really crying then. I then realized to climb to the top of the diving board, I needed both hands. So I exposed everything as the cell phone cameras clicked and I cried even more.

I got to the top out of everyone’s close up view, though I heard someone shout, “He’s got a telephoto lens!” Great. Through my tears and shaking, I tried to put my suit on almost losing my balance. I guess Ronny started worrying about me now. I heard him shout for me to just dive into the pool with my suit in my hand, and that it was better than falling. But I did finally manage, and then I climbed down.

Ronnie had been ready for me. The only thing I could figure is that Ellen tipped him off. When I confronted her, she admitted everything. I asked why, and she said, “I’ve watched you pick on Ronny for as long as I have known you. He really does not deserve that. He’s a sweet kid. I wish I had a little brother, and I wish he would be like Ronny. I just thought it was time you got a little payback.”

Anyway, Ellen is no longer my BBF. I have nothing much to do with her anymore. She is buddy-buddy with Ronny. I started planning my revenge on Ronny, when he came up and asked for a truce. He said my being stripped naked was payback for all the other times over the years I had bullied and humiliated him. I wasn’t about to make peace with Ronny, until he reminded me he had friends like those two who actually stripped me. Word got back to my parents and they said I got what I deserved. Anyway, it was clear Ronny was not the helpless kid anymore and that he can now defend himself with the help of friends. So I decided maybe I should let him have this one victory. We have since patched things up a little. We are not friends, but I tolerate him. Some of those photos of me are still going around though.