Stripped by girls at school

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My story is about a totally humiliating experience that happened when I was 14 at school one summer. I will try to be brief.

The incident happened at lunch break on the school playing fields. My friends ganged up on me and tried to get my trousers down, there was a gang of girls that gathered round to watch. The girls were really into it and were all shouting and egging the boys on to give them a flash. I was terrified of being exposed in front of a load of girls, it was something that happened to boys from time to time at my school and I always dreaded it happening to me.

I really struggled hard to stop them humiliating me in front of the girls and fought them off with all my strength, I remember curling up on the ground and they couldn’t get my trousers or belt undone. After a few minutes or so, they gave up and moved on. I lay on the grass on my back panting, trying to catch my breath, the struggle had left me exhausted.

Before I had chance to recover, some the girls that had come to watch were all over me. One sat on my chest while others pinned my arms and legs down. There were about seven of them to start with, two from my year, the rest older girls. I was powerless, I couldn’t move a muscle. They said that they were going to finish the job and strip me naked.

The girl on my chest, the ringleader, obscured my view of what was happening below, but I felt my shoes and socks come off, then I could feel fingers fiddling with my trouser belt and zip. I frantically tried to wriggle free but they really had me pinned down. I felt sick as I realized how powerless I was, struggling for breath, begging them to get off me. There was a lot of laughing and giggling from my attackers and more girls gathered round for the show. I felt my trousers slowly being pulled down, I tried to twist my body to stop what was happening, but it was hopeless and I just prayed that a teacher would come by and it would stop.

No teachers came by. My heart was pounding and I was gasping for breath as another girl sat on me to make sure I couldn’t escape. I felt fingers pulling at my underpants and I begged them not to do it, I desperately tried to move but just couldn’t. I could feel my undies slowly coming down and the sudden, unfamiliar feeling of fresh air around my private parts. A loud cheer went up to mark the moment of my humiliation they removed my trousers and underwear, I was naked from the waist down and all the girls could see my privates.

I am not particularly well-endowed, and at 14 I was definitely underdeveloped. It was my worst nightmare. I felt like my face was on fire, it was the most embarrassing moment of my life, utter humiliation. The girls were laughing, some of them started to chant: ‘we can see his little willy, we can see his little willy’. There was a crowd of girls that had gathered round now. One of the girls who was sat on my chest was ordering her mates to touch me. I was suddenly grabbed down below, it was like being tickled, but worse. I was squirming and choking and started to laugh uncontrollably, the same thing that happens when being tickled, as an unseen hand fiddled and jiggled my balls. The more I reacted, the more I was abused. It really started to hurt in the pit of my stomach just like I’d been kicked in the nuts. To make it all worse I got an erection which was just so embarrassing.

Suddenly the pressure seemed to ease, I heard someone shout that there was a teacher coming. The girls pinning me down quickly let go and the crowd quickly dispersed. But too late for me. Loads of the girls has seen my little willy and watched, laughing while I was tickled in my balls.

I was shaking, humiliated and devastated by what had just happened. I shakily put my clothes back on, the teacher had turned back as the girls ran off, probably thinking that they were just smoking or something. I sat and tried to catch my breath. When I got up, I still had a dull pain in my gut and I started to walk back to school, the pain in my stomach making me feel like puking. I was so ashamed that I couldn’t tell anyone, though the story was going round that I had been stripped on the fields, so loads of kids knew what had happened.

It was the most embarrassing and humiliating moment of my life. Some of the girls had taken photos and video on their phones and these were all over the school in no time.

It took ages for me to get over it, I didn’t dare tell anyone, I was so scared the girls would get me again.