little brother bet

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Me(15) and my younger brother(13) has always have a strong rivalry but i allways win every thing. So dicied to have a race who ever could run around the block twice first wins and the loser had to do anything the winner told him today all weekend. i lost (over cofident). so a week goes by and my parents are going out of the town for the weekend for the aniversary and my brother ask if some of his friends could spend the weekend they said if it was ok with me, i of coarse said yes i didnt have much choice. so any way my brothers four friends come over and after a couple hours my brother says i have to walk around in underwear he found in my room. they are boxer briefs but were tight so you could see the outline of my dick they thought it was funny and he said we should order a pizza and i have to pay the way i was. so after awhile the pizza comes and i get a random boner so the tip of my dick is sticking out so the pizza dilvery guy saw it. my brother found paint in his room and they wanted to paint my bare skin i let them and they painted me every color of the rainbow and when i go to take a shower by brother said they get to watch so i am taking a shower in front of 13 year old boys and he said every time i got a boner i had to jack off with them watching so then they decide to watch porn on the computer so i get an instant erection and my brother sayed i had to jack him of what was kinda gross. so that was by far the most humaliting time of my life. he made sure none of them took pictures or anything so at lest he was still looking out for me ona grand scale