Wedding Revenge

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I have a bitch sister who is several years older than me, and we never got along well.  As her little brother, I would always be bullied and humiliated by her.  My earliest memories are of her bulling me.

I remember how she used to start every morning by going into my room and trashing my homework.  It was no wonder that my grades were poor until I found places to hide my homework.  I was always small for my age, even after reaching puberty early I did not grow in size.  I could not defend myself.  So my sister would bring her friends over and they would strip me naked just to humiliate me.  When I started getting interested in girls, I learned not to bring them over to my house as if my sister was there I would be stripped for sure right in front of my would-be girlfriend.  That killed a few potential relationships.  Of course there were pantsing incidents in public and in front of others.

When I started Junior High, my sister started a rumor that I had made some off-color remarks to one of the Senior High cheerleaders.  Her football player boyfriend tracked me down and punched me out.  My sister thought it was funny when I came home with a bloody face.

For my 13th birthday, she told me she had an extra special surprise for my party.  I knew it meant more humiliation, probably a pantsing or stripping.  I told my Mom that if my sister was there, I did not want a party.  She told me she’s my sister, that she has a right to be there, and I should be happy to have her.  I said then no party.  She said the party would be held as planned.  Well, before my friends arrived, I left the house and did not come back until hours later when I knew everyone would have gone home.  All this just to avoid humiliation in front of my friends.   Of course, my Mom made sure they took all the presents home.

When I turned 16, I finally grew big enough to defend myself.  Unfortunately by this time my sister had moved out of the house.  But I had a plan for revenge anyway.  Before she moved out, I hacked into her computer.  I found several photos she had taken of herself or others had taken for her.  The ones I was interested in had her nude.  Many showed her masturbating.  Several showed her having sex with one of a few boyfriends, or more than one at once.  I copied them all for future use.  And the time for that use came about a year ago.

My sister was to be married.  I acted like I wanted to use the occasion to make amends, as if I was to blame.  I volunteered to put together a little slide show showing my sister and her fiancé as little children growing up through their teens and into adulthood, and in the end showing them together.  I would show it during the reception.  My plan obviously was working.  I got some great photos of my sister’s fiancé, and Mom helped me pick out photos of my sister.

So it was the reception after the ceremony at last.  I started the slide show and everyone seemed to be enjoying it.  First came the photos of the groom.  Next came photos of my sister starting with her as a baby and then a little girl.  Suddenly there was a photo of my sister as a teenager – with a dildo!  People gasped.  I looked at my sister and saw her expression of shock and disbelief.  Her fiancé was also frozen.  Good.  I can continue the show.  Next came my sister giving someone a blow job.  Then photos of one guy eating her as she sucked another guy’s dick.  Then came an old boyfriend fucking her, and so on and so on.  At the end came a title card which read: “For my loving sister from your little brother.  Payment in full for all the shit you put me through.”

When the lights came on, the groom got up and came after me.  Fortunately, I was a faster runner.  My sister no longer talks to me, which is great.  We never talked much anyway after she moved out, and the less I have to do with her the better.  My mother was furious at me and says she will never forgive me.  Gee, mom, why weren’t you upset when sis was making my life a living hell?  You never once protected me.

Some of my relatives were on my side.  My grandpa told me he was glad to see I finally got a pair of balls and put my bitch sister in her place.  He was always on my side.  My cousin Andrea was a bridesmaid against her will.  She had a few grudges against my sister as well, and helped me find a few porn sites where I could upload sister’s photos.  Revenge can be fun.