Showering with a female classmate

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I see there are a few shower stories here.  Do you mind one more?

When I was a boy of 13, my family moved to a new town.  I had only a few friends, and there was not much to do of interest on a Saturday night.  I learned that the local YMCA was open Saturday evenings, and since I like to swim and few came by Saturday nights, I figured it would be a chance to get some serious swimming done.  So this one night I am there and the only other person is Jeff, a senior at my school who works as a life guard, and two old guys who came in just as I was leaving.  I got in two hours of swimming.

So I go back to the locker room, take off my trunks and go into the showers.  After five minutes, I hear a female voice say, “Mind if I join you?”  I turn around and see May, a girl from my school who is wearing nothing but a towel.  I am wearing nothing period.  I quickly cover my manhood with my hands.  “Don’t be so shy,” she says.  “I have three older brothers, so I know what boys look like.”  I ask what she is doing in the men’s showers.  She said she was playing tennis with a friend and got all sweaty.  She didn’t like to go home all dirty, and the women’s showers were out of service.  “I didn’t think there would be anyone here,” she said.  “So if you don’t mind. . . .”  Before I could say anything, she takes off her towel hangs it up, and walks naked into the shower taking the spot next to me.  “It’s OK if you look,” May said.  “Just don’t touch.”

She did ask me to wash her back, though.  And I started getting a boner, which I tried to hide.  May noticed and said she had seen her brothers’ hard ons as sell, so don’t worry.  I finished up quickly and went to get dressed.  I was ready to leave when May came by.  She had left her clothes in a locker nearby.  She asked if I had happened to ride my bike to the Y.  I said I did, and she asked me to stick around until she got dressed.  She didn’t like riding her bike home alone at night.  I said I would, and I watched as May once again removed her towel, dried off, and proceeded to put on first her panties and then her bra.  “This will be our secret, OK?,” May smiled at me.  I said OK.

I rode with May back to her home. She thanked me and gave me a little hug.  I wanted to ask if she went to the Y often, but chickened out.  It seemed she liked me, but I was shy at 13.  She did show up the next Saturday and joined me in the pool, but not in the showers.  The womens’ showers were working by then.

At the time it was a bit embarrassing and I was too shy to pursue it further.  But now it is a pleasant memory.  May was sure nice to look at.