Thong wedgie

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Hi.  My name is Barry and my true story happened last year when I was dating Jenna.  She and I were out hiking in the summer.  We had plans to go out to a dance club later that night.  After we had been hiking for like four hours, we decided to go back to her place to shower and prepare to go out.  The problem was that I forgot to bring a change of underwear.  Normally I wear bikini undies but had just forgot to bring a pair to Jenna’s house.  My apartment was like 20 minutes away and I was going to run over to my house and meet up with Jenna and her friends at the club.  Jenna wanted me to drive to the club with her so told me to just wear a pair of her panties.  Since I normally wear bikini undies, I told Jenna to get out a pair of bikini panties for me while I was in the shower.  When my shower was finished, I was surprised to find a tiger-print thong placed for me in the shelf in the bathroom.  I tried it on and it actually fit, it was very tiny and snug…but it fit.  I figured it would be a little secret that just Jenna and I would share.  When I came out of the bathroom, Jenna stood there smiling.  I gave her a little glare and she giggled.  When we got to the club, I had completely forgotten that I was wearing a thong panty under my jeans.  Obviously, Jenna had told her girlfriends (Taylor and Syndi) about the panties.  While I was talking with Syndi, Taylor sneaked up behind me and grabbed that thong and delivered a very quick and firm wedgie…exposing the tiger-print thong.  The three of us were laughing so hard that we all fell on the floor.  I was so embarrassed and my face was bright red.  Taylor and Syndi teased me all night by calling me “tiger” and “t-back Barry”.  They even had the DJ at the club dedicate a song to me entitled “Tiger”.  It was so embarrassing.  Both of those girls ask me periodically if I am wearing panties and what color they are.  And, of course, when the song “Roar” came out they had fun with that by asking me to give my best roar to them, since I was a tiger.  I just glare at them and they giggle.  I say, “ha ha, very funny” and they giggle more.  Ugggh.  It is so embarrassing.