Gym punishment

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One day i was in the gym and me and my friend told the teacher to fuck off so he told us to stay after school during 10th period so we did he told us to run down and back and we did.then he told us to take off our shows and socks and run down and back. so we did. after that he told us to take off our shirts and we did but after we ran down and back he told us to take off our pants and underwear and run down to the end of the gyme and do 20 jumping jacks. we protested and he said he would give us detention for a week if we didnt do it and we did and when we where doing the jumping jacks he took our close and said we would get them back after the school day was over and told us to walk around the school. it was so embarrasing since i was still in puberty i had hair down there but i got erections if anything was the less bt erotic. so i had an erection the whohl time and i even leaked precum when the real popular guys where teasing us and makng fun of me for being hard. it was thw worst day of my life