Caught naked by little sister and her friends — again!

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I previously posted a story where my sister, then 9-years-old, outsmarted me and got me naked in front of her friends at a slumber party.  I was 13 then.  A year later I thought I was a year smarter.  Sis was having another slumber party.  This time I was staying out of the shower so I would not be put in an embarrassing situation again.  Not good enough!

I stayed in my room the entire evening.  Around midnight I decided to go to sleep.  In the summer I always sleep on top of the covers wearing only underpants — something my sister knew.  The next morning my underpants where no where to be seen.  I got dressed, went outside my room and then saw my underpants hanging on the door handle to my sister’s room.

Later my sister explained everything.  She had promised her six guests they would get to see me naked.  Around 2 AM, they quietly snuck into my room.  I am a heavy sleeper anyway, but it was easy to remove my underpants revealing all.  Each girl took turns lightly tickling my penis.  It was not enough to wake me up, but it was enough for me to get a fairly good erection.  So six 10-year-old girls, plus my sister, got a good look at my fully erect member.  She then showed me pictures she took of me laying there with my penis pointing straight up.

For the next few months, whenever her friends came over I had to hide out of shame.  The girls always would look my way and grin.  After six years, sis still has the pictures saved and password protected on her computer.  She only shares them within her circle of friends, and still views them from time to time.