Worst Embarassing punishment

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I’m a fifteen year old boy and I’m dating a girl from my grade. The school year was almost over and it was really hot out. One day after school, my girlfriend (Katie) planned to go swimming at her house. Katie’s mom picked us up from school and took me to their house. I had packed my swimsuit with me the night before. When we pulled into Katie’s driveway, her mom said that she had to go run arenas and would be gone for at least an hour. She said we can go swimming anyway. So we got out of the car and Katie led me into her backyard while her mom pulled out of the driveway. When we got to the backyard, I saw her pool and the rest of her yard that was quite big. She said she was going to go to her room to go change into her bathing suit and she would be right back out. So she went in the back door into the house and I’m left sitting there. Then I suddenly got horny and started thinking of what Katie would look like in a bikini. I then snuck in the house and took my phone out. I then found Katie’s room and opened it slowly. I saw Katie getting dressed and mostly nude. She didn’t notice me and I got really excited. I then took a picture real quick and then left quickly to went back outside. A couple minutes later Katie came out in the backyard with her tight bikini and said “what do u think” I then got an erection and my mouth started to water. I then said I like u better like this and then showed the naked photo of her while she was changing. Once Katie saw the photo she started to cry hysterically. She asked why I would do that to her by sneaking in her room to look at her body. I then felt really guilty. She then said that she maybe doesn’t even want to go out with me anymore. I said sorry so many times because I felt so bad. Then I said to her then told her I would do anything she wanted to. I then saw her grin and she then agreed. Katie first told me to delete the picture and I did that no problem. Then she took me by the hand and brought me into the house. She led me into her room and at this point I thought I was going to get lucky. But I was wrong. She sat me down on her bed and went through he drawers. She then pulled out a bikini bottom that said spank me on it. She smiled and held it up to me. Right away I said no but then she started to cry again and kept saying how I betrayed her. I then gave in. She told me to them undress fully. I then took of my shorts and my shirt and I was left standing there in my boxers embarrassed. She looked at me and said, ” Oh no, the whole thing.” I then took of my boxers and I was standing there completely naked with a full erection. Katie looked at me and giggled at my tiny erected penis. She then said “your a little hairy down there, aren’t u?” At this point my face was all red and I was told not to cover. She then by surprise took her phone out and took tons of photos of me naked. I was stunned that she did that to me and then Katie said that she would show everyone the pics if I didn’t do what she said. I was being blackmailed by my own girlfriend, but I guess I de reserved it. She then gave me the pink bikini bottom that said ” spank me” on it and told me to put it on. It was hard to put it on because I had a huge boner but after a several minutes of struggling, I finally got it on. It was really tight and uncomfortable, and extremely embarrassing cause of the bulge. Katie just laughed and took me back outside. I was covering the bulge but it didn’t do much unfortunately. She then set up a video camera and told me to lean over the lounge. At first I didn’t realize what she was doing then knew. Katie spanked me really hard. And then again. I screamed so loud and it hurt really bad. She said I was a very bad boy and I deserved this. After many minutes of spanking me she told me to take of my bikini bottom. I was then relieved because it was really tight on me. I took them off and I could tell my but was all red. She then took the bathing suit inside and said wait right there. So I was waiting outside completely nude. 5 minutes went by of me standing around naked and I then realized Katie wasn’t coming back. I then sprinted to the back door and it was locked. I then heard the window open above me and it was Katie. She was laughing so hard she couldn’t even talk. She said,” you should of never snuck in my room while I was changing”. I apologized again and pleaded for my clothes back. ” oh your clothes, I forgot where I put them. Maybe if u go around front and knock on the door I’ll give them to u. I begged her to stop but she wouldn’t give in. I then sprinted around the house still covering and up to the front door. I didn’t see any neighbors out but I still wanted to get inside quickly as possible. I rang the door bell impatiently and waited for Katie to answer the door. She then opened the door and and smiled. Katie said” hey u, where have u been. Do u want your clothes back.” I then answered yes as quickly as I could. She then said she must of left them downstairs. She said “meet me in the driveway and I’ll bring them to u. And u can’t cover up. If you cover, no clothes forever. I was fustraded that I didn’t have my clothes back yet but I wasn’t going to argue. I then went to the driveway and waited patiently for Katie without covering. Then all of sudden I heard a car coming down the street. It was Katie’s mom! She then pulled into the driveway and was like 20 feet away from me. I then saw her stop the car short and get out of the car right away. She glared at me naked and said ” what are u doing! This is unacceptable! I will not have this type of behavior in my house!” I was all red and didn’t know what to say. The she said ” where is Katie, I need to have a word with her.” I then was glad Katie was going to get into trouble for what she did to me. Katie then came out the door in her cover up dress. She looked at me and said ” where have u been Michael? I’ve been looking for u everywhere. And why are u naked?” I was speechless. Katie was acting like she didn’t do anything so she would get into trouble. Katie’s mom said to Katie, ” you didn’t know about this?” Katie shook her head. Katie’s mom said “Michael, why were u naked I’m my house? Where u trying to show off or something? This is unacceptable! Come on mister I’m taking u home right now to tell your mom! Where are your clothes.” I then said instantly Katie took them. Katie responded instantly by saying he’s lying. Katie’s mom was furious with me and told me to get in the car and didn’t care if I was naked cause she just wanted to bring me to my mom. I was so embarrassed at this point and was furious with Katie for lying. I was walking to the car and turned around to glance at Katie. I saw her grinning ear to ear and trying not to laugh. Katie’s mom shouted and said ” come on Katie get in the car. I want u to tell Michael’s mom the whole story. She got in the car and we drove off. I was in the back of the car completely nude and embarrassed to death. And now I was going to get into huge trouble by my mom. When we pulled into my driveway Katie’s mom told me to get out of the car. She then took me by the ear and brought me to the front door. With Katie behind me. She rang the doorbell and my mom opened the door with a puzzled look on her face. She asked what was going on. Katie’s mom said, ” Your son Michael decided to get naked for know reason inside my household.” My mom was furious once she heard this and brought me inside and sat me down on the couch. I pleaded that I didn’t do anything but she wouldn’t listen to a word I said. She then invited Katie and her mom to come in and sit down. So we are all in our living room sitting down and I’m still naked. Katie was telling my mom the story ( of course not the truth) and I was just silent with my head down the whole time. After Katie and her mom got done explaining their story, my mom was not happy. Then my 2 older sisters came walking in the room. (One is 18 and another is 21) they said hello to everyone and them they looked over in my direction. They started to giggle and said “what do we have here” my mom then said, ” your little brother Michael decided to go completely nude in a guest house. Once my sisters heard this they were laughing their asses off. They then told me to stand up and go in the middle of the room. I right away said no but my mom told me to listen to my older sisters. I regretfully got up and walked up into the middle of the room with everybody staring at me. My hands were covering up my penis nobody could really see it. My 2 older sisters then came up to me and observed me fully. Then one of them said, “come on Michael, don’t be shy. Put your hands at your sides so everyone can see full view. I said no immediately and then my mom came into. She said, apparently you don’t have a problem being naked in front of others, so you better put your hands at ┬ásides.” I then put my hands at my sides so my mother, my 2 sisters, Katie and her mom could see me fully exposed. I was red as a tomato and everybody was laughing at me. One my sisters walked around to my back side and said, ” at least he has a cute but. Then she made me rotate the room so everyone could see my but a giggle. Then my sister said to Katie that she has good taste for picking me as her boyfriend. After everyone was done talking and ┬áhumiliating me I asked my mom if I can go put clothes back on. And I regret that. My mom said we haven’t figured out a punishment for my behavior yet. She asked me where did I leave my clothes at Katie’s house and I said Katie took them from me. My mom was furious. ” alright Michael, if u want to lie to me, I won’t put up with it. She then gets up and returns with a diaper in her hands. She tells me to put it on and I do so. Then she tells me to bend over her knee and I know what is next. She spanks me repeatedly until I’m in tears. I see both my sisters recording this and Katie on the floor laughing. My mom then took off my diaper and exposed my red but to everyone. She then made me sit there naked with tears in my eyes for the rest of the day. I have not forgiven Katie for her horrible prank and didn’t talk to her until weeks passed by. This was by far the worst experience of my life.