Stupid Amusement Park Ride :(


I went to an amusement park about a month ago. They had a bumper boats ride, where everyone gets their own mini boat and goes out to lake. You then crash into out her people, just like bumper cars. So anyway, my little brother wanted me to go on them weigh him. So, being the nice sibling that I am, I got in line with him. We got on and the ride employees gave our boats a shove, we were now out in the lake. 

My brother sped off, and I had no idea how to steer them. So I’m sitting there, in the middle of the lake, unable to move, just spinning really quickly in circles because the stupid boat wouldn’t move forward. It was going really fast while spinning, so I’m sitting there about to puke all over the place.

The boats were so loud that you couldn’t hear the employees trying to tell you how to move the boat.

So this whole 10 minute ride was me spinning in a circle for the whole 10 minutes about to throw up. the employees eventually got squirt guns and sprayed me with them so I’d have a little fun. Then the little 6 year olds who obviously were showing off that they could ride these retched things and I couldn’t, kept bumping me in to the wall.

They buzzed a buzzer, telling you it was time to steer back to the dock. I was sitting in the middle of lake still spinning in circles and couldn’t hear them, although I knew I couldn’t get back. An employee eventually had to get in a boat and hold on to my boat and ride us back in. 🙁

my brother walked out screaming, “That was so fun! Lets do it again!”

my answer, inevitably, was,