Staring at girl punishment

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A year when I was 14(boy) I was home alone with my older sister(19). It was in the afternoon and my sister had her friend over to come swimming in our pool. My sisters friend name was Heather and she was gorgeous. She had large  breasts and a beautiful ass. I always try to stare at her, but not to make it to noticeable. So we are all in the pool and heather is in her bright pink bikini that reveled everything and was impossible not to look. Then the 3 of us  were in a line to go in the diving board. First heather was in front,then it was me, and then it was my sister. Heather was on the diving board and I was behind he staring at her ass. Right before she was about to jump in she discovered something was on her foot and she wanted to wipe it off. Heather then bent over and touched her feet. I just stood there looking at her ass that was barley cover from her swimsuit. I started to get an erection. What I didn’t know that my sister was still behind me and saw me standing and saw a huge bulge in my swimsuit. That’s when from behind my sister pants me down to my ankles revealing everything. She said that’s what u get for staring. Then heather turned around to see what the commotion was. Them all she saw was me and my red face of embarrassment and my naked body with my extended penis. She giggles and says “what is this,”? My sister then says to heather that he has been staring at your body the entire time and I taught him a lesson. I immediately pulled up my swimsuits I my waist. Heather than nodded and looked at my sister and smiled. “Perhaps Joey hasn’t learnt his lesson yet” before I could react they both charged at me. My sister went behind me and held my arms tight so I couldn’t move. Then heather went in front of me and took of my swimsuit and threw it in the pool so I was left standing there completely nude. Then heather went back to me and stated at me erected penis and giggled. She then got on her knees and said,”Joey, u have a very tiny penis even when u have a boner. My baby brother has a bigger one than u, and he’s six!” Both my sister and heather started to laugh and I was almost about to cry. Then my sister said,”except he has a whole lot more hair down their.” And they both laughed more. Then heather took her hand and started tickling my penis and it was so uncomfortable. I eventually cummed all over myself and I was in tears by now.”look my baby brother cummed!” Said my sister. What she we do with him now heather said. They whispered to each other and brought me to the lounge chair. They sat me down and took pictures of me not covering up. They than got some rope and tied me down and said if I even tried to escape, they will post the pictures up on Instagram. I then knew I was stuck and had nowhere to go. Then the both of them went inside to change. Ten minutes later they both cane out fully clothed and my sister had her car keys in her hand.she said,” alright Joey, u have two choices. U can come with us in the car or we bring you out in the front yard and tie u up there so e very one could see u. Plus if u don’t come with us we post the photos.” I instantly agreed to go in the car. They smiled and said good choice. My sister held me by my arms and put me in the car and tied me to the seat and I’m still naked and all red. Then they got in the car and started to drive. I asked where we were going and they said it was a surprise, and then she put a blindfold on me. Then heather kept slaking why I kept looking at her. She then asked if u like big breasts. I then answered yes and she smacked me in the face and it stung really bad. My sister then said,” he will never learn.” Heather then said,”to bad u are blind folded Joey because I am going to take off my shirt and bra because its pretty hot in the car. I started to get another erection, but I was trying to control it. I then hear next to me heather taking off her shirt and her bra. I then hear my sister say from the driver seat “wow heather those r some huge boobies.” I then couldn’t control it and I got a huge boner. Heather then said ” look, your little brother Joey has another erection. He is so cute when he is embarrassed. I was all red again and really nervous were we were going. Heather then put her shirt back on and said to me to bad u couldn’t see them. My sister then asked “r u still seeing that girl Rachel?” “Ya for six months now” I answered. Do u think she is hot said heather, and I answered yes. Heather giggled and said good and then pulled my blindfold off. IT WAS RACHELs house. My heart started pounding and I got a bigger boner than I already had. I said please turn around but my sister said it was to late, I already called Rachel to tell that u coming over naked. She’s waiting for u in the backyard. I started to cry hysterically and say how this wasn’t fair and I would get her back. Age laughed and said this is what u get for staring at heather. She stopped the car and and both if them got out. They opened my door and untied me. They both picked me up and carried me to the backyard and flashed me of to Rachel. I couldn’t believe my sister and her friend did this to me. It was the worst day ever and I learned not to stare at a girls body even if its not fair.