Why are you laughing??????

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Ive been a great swimmer i mean like the best at my school

one day our class won a compertition to have a day at the pool

everyone knew about my swimming skill so they were hanging around after that they wanted to see me do a high dive so i did i climbed up to the top and just jumped they were clapping then i finally got out of the pool to get a drink without clorine in it so i started te get stared at by everyone including my crush 8i assumed it was about the dive so i kept walking then when i was at the bag area i heard a blast of laughter

i ignored it as i walked to my friend he burst out laughing including everyone else i was wierded out then suddenly looked down……..I WAS COMPLETELY NUDE i could see my trunks being thrown up into a tree by my enemie i didnt know what to do so i ran to the locker room im went to the girls toilet by mistake and looked for my locker then i realised there were 5 slightly older girls they “happened” to have some extra duct tape and tied my hands behind me leaving me with nothing to cover me i ran out before they could do anymore and guess who i see guarding the door My enemies friend he wouldnt let me in and i saw the actual enemy himself ripping my clothes and supprisingly my towel and swimming trunks i eventually got my hands untied and ran then i suddenly hear my teacher saying time to go back to school i freaked out but i had no choice but to line up my teacher didnt notice me (even with all the laughing)

but then when we got on the buss the teacher suddenly notices me and makes me stand upĀ  i covered myself but my teacher said no if you are here nude you cannot cover you have already made me angry i thought she would get me some clothes or something but no that was my punishment i couldnt believe it i was forced to be nude for the rest of the day not allowed to cover and later i was duct taped agin but this time to a window

no one ever has stopped laughing i didnt evn get to tell my teacher what really happened because they said they would tie me up nude infront of my crush……..WORST DAY EVER