sex groupie

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So this was INCREDIBLY embarrassing! There was this party and pretty much everyone in our school went. This rich guy at our school hosted it and he had his huge pool. someone suggested this game were you go into this room with a blindfold and you have sex with someone. I didn’t want to but this group of guys pushed me into it. So i was put into a blindfold, and then they brought me to a room. I heard someone come in and then the music was blasted! Then we started going at it and then he took off my bra and started touching me and squeezing me boobs. It was like 15 minutes in and then i felt a penis inmy vagina and i was getting a blowjob. At the same time. The music went down and i heard laughter. I took off my blindfold and i saw everyone at the party was there watching as 15 guys were going at me in some big gay groupie! It was soooo embarrassing! some girls even joined in