naked in the pool with my friends

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so im a 17 year old boy and i was 16 when this happend. I went to my friends house to spend night, my friend was 14 (brent) and his brother was 11(brennen). There sister(brianna) who i had a huge crush on was 17.They have a pool so we were swimming and playing around like normal teenage boys do but brianna was inside and i was hoping that she would come out soon because she looked so hot in her bikini. Her bedroom window was right beside the pool ladder. Anyway we were playing around in the pool swimming and such when brent was get out to go inside for something but brennen desided to pull his trunks down, they fell to his knees then he jumped back in the water and pulled his shorts back up. He tried to get out a coulpe more times but the same thing happend every time so he gave up. then a few min passed and i really had to use the bathroom so i climb the ladder and when i got to the second from the last step my shorts fell to my ankles and i looked up at briannas window to see her looking at my junk and laughing at me so i jumped in the pool but my shorts came all the way off and brennen grab them and tried to get them back but he threw them out of the pool so i had to get and let everybody see my junk again, including my crush who came outside to see the show. We still laugh about it today but it was the most embarrassing moment in my life.