Willy Exposed in front of girls

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Well basically this happened to me when i was like 14 or 15. At my secondary school everyone was going through the phase of ‘pantsing’ which was basically just sneaking up on other people, boys and girls, a pulling their trousers down or lifting their skirts up. It started with the girls mainly, exposing each others underwear for lauhs, but then boys started doing it and it really took off. I’ve had my trousers pulled down a few times and i’ve done it to other people, but in the end it’s so common you just laugh it off

Well at lunch once i was told a teacher wanted to see me in one of the classrooms so I headed over there. But when i walked in there was no teacher, just 3 girls who were all quite popular sitting on a desk in the middle of the room. The girl in the middle was playing on her phone and the other two were watching, i guessed i’d gone to the wrong classroom but as i turned to leave soemone grabbed me from behind. it was a setup. Therw were 3 guys just behind the door and i wasn’t in their long enough to notice

Two of them grabbed me, but i had no idea what they were doing. Then i felt a sharp tug on my trousers, of course, i was getting pantsed. But i was wearing pretty loose boxers and as my trusers went down my boxers got dragged with them! From the waist down i ended up completely naked! My manhood bobbed into view. My face went so red, i’d seen so many guys get pantsed in my school, but i’d never seen anyone have their willie exposed. I’d seen a girl have her skirt lifted with no underwear, but she was facing a wall and so people only got to see her bum.

The guys holding me clearly weren’t expecting it either and the moment they saw they’d exposed my willie to these girls they fell away laughing. I grabbed my trousers up quick as i could, still not quite believing what just happened and that’s when i heard one of the girls say

‘Did you get that?’

My heart sunk, the guys hadn’t just wanted to pants me in front of the girls, the girl in the middle on her phone had been recording it. She now had a video of me with my willie out. I didn’t want anyone else to see this, if it spread around the school i’d be humiliated, i ran at her to grab the phone but as i did i slipped knocking two of them off the desk and her phone hit the floor and broke

I was so relieved, i was now lying on top of two girls on the floor both of whom had seen my willy, but the video on the phone was gone. She was furious though, because i’d broken her phone which looked pretty expensive. Now i felt a bit guilty, i was hoping i wouldn’t have to pay for it. I went to pick itup off the ground to see if it could be saved, but no chance.

As i turned back to her, she was chatting to the three guys who all were getting big grins on their faces. I didn’t like this at all, i was hoping they weren’t going to pants me again. i tried to leave quickly but they grabbed me and slammed me on a desk. I’m not small, or weak but i was probably weaker than two of the guys and i stood no chance, i couldn’t move.

“Now” said the girls whose phone broke “this is for breaking my phone and grabbing my boob!”

I may have touched her boob as we were falling, and tried to say this but she wouldn’t listen, she grabbed the bottoms of my trousers with one guy stopping my legs from moving, i was pleaing for her not to, but it didn’t help. She pulled

For the second time my willy flopped out in front of everyone! IT was mortifying, again i was naked from the waist down. She had one of the other girls phones recording it now and holding the phone in her left hand and with her right she flciked my willy a few times saying stuff like

“look how small he is, look at the baby with his baby dick”

Which wasn’t true, i knew i was about average, maybe even above average but with my willy completely exposed to three girls in my year and aving her say stuff like that was so humiliating and i was trying so hard not to cry. I’m was telling them to stop, but not too liud, the door was still open and i didn’t want anyone else to see my humiliatiion. Then suddenly i looked at the girl and watched as she slammed her fist into my willie. It hurt so much, she said something like ‘serves you right’ and then left the room. One of the guys gave me a punch on the shoulder and then they went too.

I was left in the room struggling to pull my trousers up knwoing that there was now a video of me with my willy completely exposed and showing me getting punched in the dick by a girl.

I haven’t got into a fight or proper argument with anyone since because i know that they could just bring this video up and again and humiliate me with it