Ran Into My Teacher

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I have a huge crush on one of my teachers. So I’ve been extra careful not to embarrass myself in front of them. I did 3 times in one day. The first thing I did was turn around a corner in the hall and ran right into their stomach. That was extremely embarrassing. Then when I got to their class, they were standing right in the entrance. I was really early and the only kid there. I walked into the wall right next to them. They made sure I was ok, but I could tell they were laughing. All I said was, “Oh, there’s a wall there…heh heh…” and awkwardly walked away. Then as they watched me go across the room, I walked into the corner of a desk really hard and hit my “lower stomach” on it. Without realizing they were watching me, I kinda loudly said, “Ow my crotch!!” and they heard. They gave me the strangest look ever. I’m so embarrassed!