Embarrassed Naked

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Im 14 year old male and i’m in the 8th grade. I was really sweaty after one gym class and i decided to take a shower. i was the only one in my class that took a shower, but i didn’t mind. when i was done showering, i forgot to bring a towel. It was no big deal so i just went to my gym locker butt naked to not find my clothes or a towel in the whole locker room. i started to panic and no one was there to help me. The bell was about to ring and i had to do something before everyone saw me naked. The male gym teacher wasn’t anywhere to be seen, so i quietly snuck into the girls locker room to see if I could find the female gym teacher. When i entered the girls locker room, i was relieved that no students were in there. Still butt naked, i went across the girls locker room to the female gym teacher’s office. (the gym teacher’s office is connected to the locker room) I looked into the  office and there luckily she was in there. i knocked on the door and said ” Ms. P,” she looked up from her desk and gave me a weird look. I immediately  covered up my private parts. she started to giggle and I started to get an erection. (She’s in her early 20’s) She said ” What do we have here” with a grin on her face. at this time I was beat red and said that someone stole all of my clothes and  Towel and can’t get them back. She said she could help me and i was so relieved. She brought me into the girls locker room and sat me down on one of the benches.(I’m still covering) she said she would be right back with a towel for me to dry off and a change of clothes. She then walked out of the locker room and I’m just waiting on the bench completely naked. then suddenly, the school bell rang and I started to panic. i was sitting in the girls locker room naked and i didn’t get my clothes yet. I started to hear voices entering the locker room and then came at least 8 girls in my grade walked into the locker room. They all stopped once they saw me. I once again turned beat red and got an erection so big that i couldn’t cover it. the all burst out laughing and calling in more girls to come in and see. At this point there was at least 20 girls in the locker room laughing at me. Just then, i jumped off the bench ( still attempting to cover) and headed for the exit. but the all stopped me and said that I couldn’t leave until i did some “favors”. First they all made me do pushups, and then they made me jump um and down. they kept laughing at me and taking pictures of my tiny dick. They said they were going to post the pictures on facebook unless I ran around the Whole school naked without covering. I started then to cry and begged them to stop. They all then picked me up and were about to throw me out into the hallway. Right then, they young, hot gym teacher finally walked in the locker room with a towel, but no clothes. She looked at me on the floor with tears in my eyes, with a huge erection, and i was till naked surrounded by all the girls. She laughed and told all of the girls to knock it off, he’s having a rough day. She then told all the girls to wait in the gym before they changed. they all went out of the locker room giggling and it was only me and the female gym teacher left in the girls lockerroom. She game me the towel and I instantly covered up. She then told me that she went to the main office to get a towel and clothes, but the towel is all she can find. She said i would have to walk down to the principals office with her to get an extra pair of clothes. I asked her that I had to walk down like this, and she said yes because the principal was to busy to bring the clothes down to the gym. I sighed and said fine, and got up with the towel and was about to walk out of the lockeroom. she then stopped me and said I can’t bring the towel with me. i looked at her and said you’re joking?She shook her head and said it was a strict school policy that no gym towels or clothes could not be out of the locker rooms. i said but I’ll be naked in front of everyone and she said that she could lose her job here because she was a brand new teacher if she didn’t follow the rules. I protested and she said it was my choice to remain naked the rest of the day or to walk down to the principals office. I asked her one more time that she doesn’t have any more clothes that i can just atleast borrow. she said that she would check one more time and went into her office. she came back with a pair of panties. and she said that this was all she had. i took the girls underwear frustrated and put them on. At this point I didn’t care if she saw my penis because i was already embarrassed enough. I walked out of the lockeroom with just the panites on and everyone was hooting and hollering and taking pictures. I walked into the principals office and she looked up from the desk and looked at me strangely. I told her what happened and she understood and gave  me and extra pair of clothes. She said she would punish the boys who did this and the girls who teased me. But no matter what, it was the most embarrassing thin that has ever happened to me.