Pantsed By Big Sister

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It was when I was 9 years old. I know, getting pantsed by my big sister sounds embarrassing, but it was even more embarrassing then it sounds!

That day I was coming on home with my friend named Bill and my friend named Clarissa. Sometimes Bill teased me at school that Clarissa was my girlfriend because he knew it embarrassed me, but she was just my friend mostly. But this day we were walking home and my big sister Patty, she was 12 then I think, she heard Bill teasing me in front of these twins girls from next door, saying Clarissa was my girlfriend, and Patty came out and told him to stop. Bill grinned and said Patty wasn’t the boss of him. Patty sometimes got annoyed by Bill, he was small and talked a lot and never liked doing what he was told, most of all not when it was her telling him. So Patty kind of went a little nuts, and told Bill he better stop teasing me about Clarissa being my girlfriend or she was gonna pull my pants down. MY pants, not his! And I wasn’t doing anything but standing there!

Bill said she wouldn’t dare. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! He said he dared her to pull my pants down then, and Patty got angry and her face turned red and said Fine! But her face wasn’t near as red as mine turned when she pushed her fingers through my belt loops of my khaki shorts and started pantsing me! I screamed Patty, no! But down she dropped my pants to my ankles. In front of Clarissa and the twin girls from next door! I was so ashamed, so embarrassed that they were seeing me in my underwear!

But it got even more embarrassing if you can believe that. I pulled my shorts up quick, my face blazing bright red from embarrassment, and I didn’t know what to say! Clarissa’s jaw was dropped open in shock and the twins were giggling like crazy, and you can guess how that made me feel! But then Bill said Big deal doing it once, I bet you’d never have the guts to pull his pants down again! And Patty got all mad again and said I’ll show you, and before I could even think to run away or stop her, I felt her hands grab onto the top of my khaki shorts again, and she dropped them to my feet. Again!

But this time, the twins screamed, and so did Clarissa, and I wanted to scream when I looked down there and saw, GULP…… underwear sitting down at my ankles. I was helpless to keep them from seeing me. Of course Patty was only going for my shorts, but in her strange anger at Bill and wanting to show him up even if it meant embarrassing me to do it, she’d pulled my underwear to my shoetops, and exposed me in front of Clarissa and the twin girls next door. That…….that was the most embarrassing moment of my life. I brought my underwear back up and my shorts, too, too late to stop my sister from giving an extremely embarrassing show of me to my friends, and I ran off for the house, humiliated and scared Patty might pants me again if I wasn’t quick enough!

Later on Patty told me she was really, really sorry. She said she didn’t know what she was thinking trying to pull my shorts down, since it was only Bill she was mad at and I didn’t deserve for her to embarrass me. I was too embarrassed to tell my mom and dad on her, but I think they found out parts of the story later on, just like the whole neighborhood found out. The twins didn’t keep it quiet, and they always reminded me of my embarrassment when they wanted to embarrass me.