Lost bet-gay boyfriend for a day

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I am a straight guy and a huge homophobe. I have this one friend who is gay who I have know since i was a kid and we are a bet. But I didnt realize that he had a huge crush on me for years and fantasized about me. We made a bet that if I lost, I had to be his fantasy boyfriend for a day-doing everything he wants except for sex. I reluctantly agreed but the stakes were high. Unfortunately I lost and my friend stood there smiling.

The first stage was my gay makeover. We first went to a salon where I can get my hair the way he wanted it-his dreamboy. However, he didnt let me look at the final picture until the end and blindfolded me the whole time. He put me in the haircut chair and whispered in the hair stylist’s ear what he wanted. I had longish brown mop of hair before and was scared for what would happen. After the haircut, he lied me down on a table where I felt pain around my penis and tesicles-I was getting waxed. It was the most pain ever. I got a full body wax including my balls and dick. Then, he gave me a spray tan.

After a while, he finally let me see myself. i was hairless from the head down. My hair was in a short (oh no) bleached blonde fauxhawk. I looked like a fag. The transformation was complete. My friend was grinning from ear to ear. 

The next morning, he came to my house to bring me my outfit-I had to wear a thong,   tight skinny jeans which obviously showed the thong from the back and a tight shirt where we went shopping. He made me hold his hand and kiss him. Then, we went to a gay beach where he gave me my next outfit-a low rise white speedo. I was getting looks right and left from the gays especially while we were holding hands and kissing. He then touched my speedo bulge giving me a huge boner. We then went for a swim. When I got out, i realized my speedo was compeltely see-through. 

At night, we went to a gay club and had to have my friend grind up all over me and pull at my thong. It was the worst day ever.