Dolores and the neighbor girl

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Dolores said, “No, I want to see how long he’s erect with you. He became aroused from you touching his thigh, so I want to see how long he stays erect for you for my own reference. I’m counting on you helping me with this.” With that the older girl grabbed me by the hand and led me into the closet and cleared some stuff out of the way so that I was against the back wall of it and she was directly in front of me with the door now behind her which she reached back and closed. It was very dark in there. She then said to me, “Look, I know you will stay erect until you cum, so I’ll work with you on this, but you need to do what I say in order for this to work. Okay.” “Okay,” I said. She began to kiss me on the face and I could feel her warts and moles and pimples rubbing against my face and squirmed a little. She pulled herself back from me and said, “Look, I need you to work with me on this so I need you to stop squirming and aggressively kiss me. Do you understand?” I said yes and she reached her hand under my skirt and began to grab my penis and said, “You really are very small, wouldn’t you agree?” I gulped and said, “Yes,” She then kissed me continually on the face while she said, “Tell me how it feels to be so small here in front of me?” “It is a little embarrassing.” She then said,” How embarrassing does it feel?” I said, “Very embarrassing!” “Good, I can feel you getting ready to throb as you admit this, but before I let you finish, I need you to kiss my face all over. Okay?” I was a little squeamish about this, but I began kissing her face including the warts and moles and pimples. She was lightly stroking my penis to maintain its erection, but so it wouldn’t cum. She now began to tell me, “So tell me what you were screaming last night and this morning. It sounded like you were calling for your mom and that’s why me and my sister went to talk to them this morning. So what happened? You can tell me between kisses.” I gulped, not knowing how to continue, and said, “Well, basically, I was making out with my mom and then…” The girl said, “Continue, and I am loving your kisses, so keep that going too.” I continued and said, “Well, then me and my mom had sex both last night and this morning.” The girl chuckled and said, “Well you are a strange one, doing it with your mom last night and now making out with me. When was the last time you kissed your girlfriend?” I thought and said, “Well, I haven’t made out with her since I met her at Cinco De Mayo.” She said, “And how was it.” I said, “I really enjoyed it, but she pulled down my pants and saw I wasn’t erect because I had drank too much at the party.” The girl said, “Well, that was a strange experience. Aren’t you attracted to her?” “Yes, she is very pretty and has nice skin and big breasts.” “So you’re a breast man? Hers are very big as I saw when sitting across from her at lunch. Even I thought they were nice and big and so I thought I had the best seat at the table. I hope you don’t mind me saying that about your girlfriend?” “No, it’s true, so I can take that as a compliment from you.” “Okay then, we’ve talked about your mom and your girlfriend, and I’ve enjoyed you kissing me and I can feel that you are about to come, so tell me what you think about me. Is there anything you find attractive?” I did say that she had a nice figure. It seemed model like. She then said, “Would you mind then asking Dolores if she’ll let me make out with you again? I want to do it again with you, but not in a dark place like this closet, but rather in a public place in daylight. Would you ask her right when we get out of this closet? It would mean a lot to me! Pretty please?” as she kissed me and held the tip of my penis in her hand. Of course it was very hard for me to say no in this condition, so I said yes and then she pushed her face against mine while she stuck her tongue deep into my mouth and then jerked me to erection and I moaned loudly when I did to out of the habit of doing so with my mom. When I finished, she giggled and turned around and opened the door and grabbed me by the hand and led me out and told Dolores, “He has something to ask you now, and she let me go and stood by the couch where the other three had been sitting and waiting. Dolores had taken her seat in the middle, so this girl was standing on the side of the couch. Dolores then said, “Well, I hope you enjoyed yourself. So what do you want to ask me?” I looked at the girl and regretted what I had agreed to with her, but I continued and asked if it was okay if I could make out with the girl again and in public. Dolores, then said, “Your my boyfriend and you want to make out with someone else??!! Well, I’ll tell you what, whenever she wants you to make out with you, I’ll let you unless I have other plans, but it will only be making out, and it will be WHENEVER she wants to whether you want to or not.”

Dolores then said, “Well, today’s been a long day. I think we should all leave him and his mom to get some rest.” The two girls began to leave and told my mom thanks for lunch and the older one held her cheek out for me to give her a good bye kiss. Since it was now light, I got to see everything clearly on her face and got a little squeamish again, but I kissed her. Then the younger one also held out her cheek and I squeamishly kissed her also. Dolores then said, “I’m going to go ahead and leave now too. This was a long day, and don’t worry you’re still my boyfriend. She then gave me a long good bye kiss and looked down and said, “But you’re not erect again. Well, maybe someday.” I was embarrassed by this comment, but she went ahead and left.

My mom said, “It had been a long day. So let’s get ready for bed. You can take off your outfit now, and I’ll tell you how my day with Dolores went.” I did, and we went into bed with both of us naked again.

She then said, “Well, first tell me how it went with the neighbor girl. You must have really enjoyed it with her to ask to do it again. I didn’t know you found her that attractive, but you must have because you came out of there pretty fast!” My mom then started stroking my inner thigh again as we both lay on our backs. I began, “Well, it really was more enjoyable than I thought it would be. I don’t know if it was because we were in the dark. I guess we’ll see how it goes when we are in a public place.” My mom said, “Yes, I was surprised you asked that. I want to be in this public place to watch you make out with her. You’ll make sure to insist to Dolores that I’ll be there, right?” I hadn’t thought about who would be there, but as she continued to stroke my inner thigh, I thought it might be weird to have my mom watch me make out with another girl, and this was the neighbor, not my girlfriend. My mom asked again, “I want you to tell me that you’ll insist about this to Dolores.” I did say okay and my mom said, “Good, and make sure that you are loud with her as you make out as I’ve asked you to be with me. I also want you to be aggressive in making out with her, not passively waiting for her as you do with me. Okay?” I said, “Okay,” she said, “Good. Now I’ll tell you the highlight of my day. While Dolores and I were in the changing room, she took off her bra and I got to see her large breasts. I mean you and I both know that mine are big but hers are huge! I think that her tops really compress them in because they seem to be so much bigger with her top off!” My penis began to squirm at that and my mom giggled and said, “I don’t know, since you are so small, how you’ll be able to handle her. What do you think?” I said, “Don’t worry, I will.” She said, “Really, and she climbed on top of me, but my penis was not inside her and she said, “What will you do?” I began to kiss her breasts and she said, “Well, this is a good start. I know you just came with the neighbor girl so it might take you a long time to get back up, but I really do like when you feast on my breasts as I’m sure Dolores will too, whenever you get to see them.” She giggled as she said this. She continued, “Let me tell you more about Dolores’ breasts.” She looked down on my face and said, “I can feel your little penis banging against me when I say that so we’ll make sure you get a good exercise workout like this. Also, I’m glad Dolores doesn’t mind me having you naked so she and everyone else can see how small you are. Did the neighbor girl say anything to you about that?” I was embarrassed, but since I was directly below her, I couldn’t turn my head down or away, and I said, “Yes.” My mom then said, “Well, I’m glad that you admitted that. Now tell me, do you think you should be embarrassed by your size?” I said, “No, because that’s what I was born with.” She then said, “Well, maybe you were, but still, wouldn’t you at least agree that it’s much smaller than anyone else’s.” I said, “I don’t know. I haven’t seen anyone else’s.” She then said, “Okay, if you are going to give me smart mouthed backtalk, we’ll arrange for you to see someone else’s if that’s what you want. Is it?” I said, “No.” She then said, “Well then, what do you think we should do about your smart mouthed backtalk then? Hmmm?” I said, “I don’t know.” My mom then said, “I think we should tell Dolores that you are continuing your smart mouthed backtalk, don’t you?” I was worried about this. I was now thinking that I hadn’t really got to be with Dolores yet since I met her at Cinco De Mayo. I really wanted to be with her, but was wondering about this quagmire with my mom and the neighbors since then, and now my mom was talking about another man for me to be measured against, and additional punishment. I decided that I should let my mom come up with a punishment and so I said, “I think you should punish me.” My mom smiled and said, “Well, if you insist, I will, but after the punishment, I’m still going to want you to have sex with me no matter how long it takes for you to get aroused. Understood?” I said yes, and she kissed me on the face and said, “Good, and we’ll talk more about Dolores’s breasts after your punishment. Now roll over on your tummy.” I did and she said, “I’m going to give you a few swats on your bottom, but they will leave marks so that they will be seen by whoever sees you naked for the next few days. It will hurt a little, but I don’t think it will be too bad, but what I want you to do now is ask me, ‘Please punish me mommy.’” I did say that and then she got up and grabbed a large leather belt with a metal buckle and spanked me across the bottom with it. The belt, but not the buckle, hit my bottom. I tried not to cry, but it did hurt. She then did it a second time and I tried not to cry again, but now it was really hurting. She smacked me a third time and I started to cry that it hurt, and my mom said that was good so that I’d know not to backtalk again. She then hit me two more times and then told me to roll over on my back. Now my bottom hurt as I lie on it. She then continued, “Does it hurt?” I said, “Yes,” and she said, “So now will you admit that you should be embarrassed about your small penis.” I said, “Yes.” She then said, “Okay, I’m going to give you a little more punishment and I hope I won’t have to do it again.” She then wrapped the belt around my little penis and then yanked the belt away. The friction on my little penis burned and it really hurt. My mom kissed me on the mouth and said, “I know that hurt, and it will for a while, but I think you’ll think now about acting up. Now, thank me for the punishment and for not being too harsh with you.” “Thank you mommy,” I said and she said, “You’re welcome. Now I’ll get back on top of you and we can talk about when I saw Dolores’s bare breasts in the changing room while you suck on mine.”