a presentation

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In high school, I was making a presentation for my 12th grade Biology class and was so prepared for it, practiced endlessly. Even my friend told me I would so well (she was also socially awkward, much more than I, actually, and didn’t do the presentation as a result). Long story short, on presentation day, when I got up in front of the class I ended up forgetting everything I wanted to talk about and just messed up. I tried to regain control, but ended up fumbling over my words. I was so nervous I couldn’t speak properly, it was as if my mind just went blank too. It was terrible. I was so embarrassed I ran outside and cried. My teacher was understanding and she came outside and told me I could just hand in the research I had done on the topic instead, so I just handed in that folder. I did pass, but of course lost marks because of the presentation, I think I ended up with a c in section, but a B- in the class overall.