Horrible Bet

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I’m 14 and I have a 11 year old sister. Our parents were gone for the weekend so we had the house to ourselves. Anyway, we were outside and my sister claimed she was faster than me. I I quickly denied and it turned into a contest. We made a bet that whoever lost, had to do whatever the winner said. It turns out, that my 11 year olds sister was faster than me. She said that I had strip naked an give her my clothes for the whole day. I didn’t think that this was a big deal because I walk around naked infront of my sister all the time in the house. Before I entered the house naked she said that I had to run a lap around the block completley naked without covering up. My heart stopped. I was scared to death that someone will see me. Especially there is three extremely hot girls on my block that I go to school with. my sister couldn’t wait for me to be embarassed when I am seen by the girls I have a crush on. I quickly took off and ran around the block as fast as I could without anyone seeing me. I was so relieved when I got to my house without many one seeing me completley nude. my sister was devastated that my crushers didn’t see me. But I still had to remain naked in my house for the rest of the day but it was no big deal. Later on I fell asleep on my bed naked watching t.v. Like 2 hours later, I wake up with my wrists and feet tied to the foot and head boards of the bed. I then here many giggling voices near me. I look next to me and there were the three very cute girls in my grade and my devious sister with an evil grin on her face. I idmediatley turned beat red and my penis got hard. I was so embarassed!!!! I can’t believe my sister called all of the girls I had a crush on over to look at me naked!! They laughed so much when my penis got hard and I was crying to let me go, but there was no chance of that happening. First they shaved all my pubic hair, then they tickled me ion my private areas. I was beat red land crying for them to let me go but no chance. They took pictures off me and finally left, but my sister left me tied up nude for the rest of the weekend. This was a humiliating day I promise my revenge on my sisterĀ