Got Caught

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when I was 14 year old boy, my mom wasn’t home and I decided to masturbate for a while. I was naked on my bed with my laptop in front of me and magazines alround me. I was completley enjoying myself until my bedroom door swung open. It was my mom!! I was so embarassed. She said what the hell I was doing and came over to find the playboy magazines and the porn websit es. She said this offensive and I was going to have to get punished. I figured it was going to be like a month without tv but it was much worse. From her standing right there she pulled me by the arm still naked and dragged me outside. I begged her to stop but she told me I had to learn my lesson. She then brought me over to our mailbox and tied my hands behind my back to the mailbox so that anyone that drives or walks by could see me. I was crying for to let me go but instead she just laughed at me and went inside. She left me out there for the whole day and I had to use the bathroom where I was tied. It was so embarassing. Everyone who walked by laughed at me including girls and boys from my grade that day, but I guess I leearned my lessonĀ