Embarrassing Laundromat Bathroom Moment

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I’m a 14 year old girl he was like
a guy between 30-40 years old
accidently went into the bathroom
at the laundromat and saw this
guy peeing i got turned on seeing
how big his penis was i grabbed it
and started giving him a hand job
he yelled at me for my behavior
but than said it was oksy thsn
i continued to stroke his penis
than he put his hand down my
jeans my vagina was hairy but
he fingered me while i gave him
a hand job i was so wet and i
took his load all over my hand
he continued fingering me i wiggled
around it was no time i orgasmed
i was so red in the face after
he made me orgasmed i stayed in
the bathroom and continued to
finger myself more omg what a day
when i came out of the bathroom
i couldn’t look at the guy i
just sat outside to my mom was
done doing the laundry