Best beach day ever part 1

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I Was on holdiay in spain and i was alone at the beach. (i was 16). anyway, its was a rly warm day so loads of girls were out in bikinis. THE GIRLS were all really hot and i was starting to get really horny. All of a sudden, my dick became fully hard and everyone could see it. Then, from behind me , a group of really hot,tanned girls tapped me on the back and said,’come with us to our hotel’. when i arrived, one of the girls pulled me into her beddroom and started to kiss me, her big boobs pressed against my chest. WE started to undress and soon we were fully naked. She layed my down on her bed and started to give my a blowjob. her mouth slid allthe wAY DOWNNmy dick and soon it was soo wet. Next, the other three girls came in and striped. all i could see was four hot girls in front of my,starring at mywet dick. they then started to give me a blowjob, ea

ch taking a lick. one of the girls said, ‘wanna fuck us’. I said yes and one of the girls