Tied up to a door nude

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I was at a party, there was about 50 of us, half boys half girls roughly, the guys thought it would be funny to tie me to a door Handel in my boxers so laughed. then about 10 girls came in and took photos! 1 of the Girls touched my penis and it started to harden up. Then the others joined in and before long they had taken off my boxers and thrown them in the bin! I had a fully erected penis at this point and the whole of the girls were in the room trying to touch my penis. Slowly they were going back into another room and started to play truth Orr dare. One of the girls dares was to give me a hand job. I was fully erected still and I was c****** all over the place. She stopped and everyone was laughing and joking but one Girl helped me get dressed and drove me home, to this day some 10 years later we are still best of friends!