OMG my brother saw me naked

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It was last week Friday, i had just gotten out of the shower and walked into my room. When i bent over to get a thong out of my drawer i heard, “Holyshit!”, when i turned around i saw it was my my brother ( we both 16 and twins btw). I screamed at him to get out but her just walked closer. I looked at his crotch and noticed he had quite a bulge. I wanted to scream ew, but for some reason i wanted him to come closer. He began to undress, and before i could work up the anger to yell at him, he was naked and started touching my boobs. I noticed his cock was fully hard now, i couldnt stop staring at how big it was until i heard ” Its 9 inches, do you like it?”, i nodded and gave him a cocky smile ” their 36C, do you like them?”, he tooke him hands off my boobs but pulled them back and kissed him. After a few minutes of kissing, i got down on my knees and took the head of his penis into my mouth. It was hot and felt wierd, but when i heard his moans i knew he liked it and took more and more of his penis into my mouth, i almost got all of it, but gagged pulled back and kept sucking what i was able to. I felt his penis start twitching and knew he was going to cum, he shot tons of the sticky man juice into my mouth. I opened my mouth showing him his cum, the swallowed, and showed him my empty mouth. Almost immediatly his penis was hard again and he pinned me to the bed. He pushed the first few inches of his penis in. It hurt really bad, but after a few pumps i let him push more and more in, and once i was i was able to take all 9 inches, and i told him it felt good, he gave me a shit face smile and fucked me without mercy as hard and fast as he could. It felt SOOOO good, i couldn’t stop moaning and yellling. I had one,two, three, FOUR orgasms and he groaned and shot his cum deep into my pussy. When got up, bother breathing very heavily, we noticed the cum streaming down my leg, and decided to “clean up” in the shower. We’ve had sex quite a few times since then and i always laugh when i think of how embarrased i was when he walked in on me.