my fourth period

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This isn’t a story about my first period, but I think it was my fourth one.

One Saturday night I was playing a basketball game and my tummy started hurting a little. I just ignored it, as I had some junk food before the game.

When the game was finished, my team headed to the bathroom and we took a shower. Now, the showers in this bathroom had no edges around them so the water would go under the doors to the next shower.

When I was moving down to scrub my legs with soap, I noticed blood running down my leg. I then checked “down there” and saw that I was having my period! Instead of the blood running into the drain hole, it went right into the showers next to me and I heard the girls scream!

When I finished taking a shower, I noticed that those girls were giving me dirty looks. My face was bright red, I WAS SO EMBARRASSED!