family saw naked

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my family took a vacation to Florida. we had a condo right on the beach. i always wanted to try swimming naked in the ocean. i woke up early and went down to the water. i was just in my bathing suit. it wasn’t a popular beach and it was pretty early so no one else was on the beach. i took off my bathing suit in the water, balled it up, and threw it onto the sand. i swam around a bit. it was awesome but i went to get out and get my shorts but i looked and saw my older sister standing there with my shorts in her hand. she started running off so i took off after her. she ran to the house and i followed her to try and catch her. she got inside and i managed to get through the door before she could close it. then i was bombarded with laughter. my whole family was awake and standing around the condo looking right at me. i remembered i was naked. i covered up and ran to my room. my sister didn’t even get in trouble for taking my shorts. my parents thought it was hilarious