super bowl

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It was the super bowl. a few years back when Usher was on. Now lemme say, im OBSESSED with Usher. I had heard the song OMG come on and i promised myself i wouldnt cry. My brother said “look sophia. Its Usher!” I heard his beautiful voice and couldnt resist. I very quickly turned around in the barstool i was sitting on. My ankle was twisted around the leg though, causing me to fall. I was on the ground, mesmerized by Usher. I began to overheat and and burst out crying. I stood up, started jumping up and down and screaming. Everyone stood silent watching me, a few people getting in on tape. I cryed forreever. Finally Usher did the splits. I couldn’t take it anymore. Al my emotions over took me. Once again i was on the ground bawling my eyes out til i couldn’t breath. Afterwards i couldn’t stop. I had tears running down my face the rest of the night and everyone thought i was cray. Was i embarrassed? Hell to the no. I love usher and i want the world to know.