Overpowered by a girl

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This actually wouldn’t be the first time I got embarrassed by this girl, but it was definitely the worst! So this happened when I was in 5th grade. There was this girl I really don’t like named Erin. We pretty much hated each other since we met, which was in 4th grade. She would always get mad really fast, and I would always get mad whenever she tried to be bossy with me, and I’d usually throw stuff at her.

Anyways, back 4th grade, I arm wrestle her one day, and she beat me which was super embarrassing! I begged her not to tell the whole school, and she promised not to as long as I did a dare. Well lets just say that the dare involved her finding out what sort of underwear I wear! It sucked, but it was better than the whole school making fun of me for getting beat by a girl!

So in 5th grade, we were all in gym. It was a usual day, it was pretty late in the year, like around spring break. It happened to be really windy that day, so we didn’t wall go outside, and instead ran and did station exercises in the gym. The coaches both had to suddenly leave for some reason, and left this really tall girl in charge of us all. We all pretty much just broke up into groups and talked, and this one kid dared me to throw a dodge ball (because before the coaches left, they brought out these dodgballs) at Erin. I thought it would be funny because I hated her, so I grabbed the dodgeball and thrw it at her. Even though the dodgeballs are pretty foamy and don’t hurt that much, she got pretty mad, and then she chased me around the gym. Everyone was watching at these point. She finally cornered me near the doors to the hallway, but before I realized I could just bust out and run down the hallway, she tackled me. 

“You’re gonna pay now you nerd!” She said. Everyone was crowding around and watching now. I tried to break free, but embarrassingly, she was stronger than me. “Let’s see if you still wear tighty whities!” She said. I didn’t know what tighty whities were then, but I soon found out! Suddenly, she grabbed the waistband of my underwear, and gave me a huge wedgie! I screamed because it hurt, and everyone started laughing because I screamed like a girl. Erin lifted me up with the wedgie, and then looped my underwear around these clothes hooks near the door, and left me there to hang. Everyone started laughing, and saying “look, he still wears tighty whities!” And If that wasn’t bad enough, I farted really loudly while struggling to break free from Erin. At this point everyone was laughing at me, I was so embarrassed. Im pretty sure y whole face turned red! I was pretty much left there to hang and get laughed at until my underwear snapped. The worst part is people I hardly even know still tease me about my underwear or getting overpowered by a girl to this day!