Embarrassed infront of crush

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I’m a 14 year old boy, Carson, and this happened this week. So some how my friend Ivy found out I have a crush on a girl named Cherie in are science class. She told every in science class and Cherie rejected me. And Cherie is still getting a candy gram I sent her which my friend Brandon wrote that I lover her. then while walking to bus yesterday my friend kaleb yelled”Carson took a picture of Cherie into the bathroom!!!!” at the top of his lungs. Everyone was laughing at me. So today in the mourning while trying to explain all this to Cherie kaleb pulls down my pants and underwear. Then while trying to pick up my shorts Brandon rips of my shirt making me fall over. Then Kaleb grabs my shorts and underwear, and they run around the court. Being the idiot I am I chase them without covering. They then throw my clothes into girls’ bathroom. So I got my clothes and had to spend rest of day in school. So many pics and videos were taking the whole school saw me in just my shoes and socks.