Busted from gum

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Not that embarrassing but here’s something. I’m a 13 year old girl. Me and my friend were in gym, And I was chewing gum of course. I’ve got caught a few times during some days, but I would always say I don’t have anything in my mouth. My school is pretty strict about gum but most people do it. So anywho, my friend and I were suppose to be in a group of 4, but no, it was just us. I asked the teacher what should we do kind of nervously because I’m not social at all. She told me to spit out the gum and then she’ll tell me. This time it was compulsive. I decided to say “I…don’t have any gum”
She says then what are you chewing on? I say nothing. She asks me to open my mouth. I try to hide it on the roof of my mouth. Somehow she sees it anyway and tells me the color of it and tells me I’m a liar. My friend has a confused face on, and in the inside I’m dying and I just want to get out of this situation. But shit, I feel like a dumbass. She tells me to go throw it away again. I do. She tells me how she doesn’t like how I’m a liar and how much I’ll say I didn’t have anything I still did. She just stares at me for like 20 seconds and my friend’s just standing there.
I don’t remember what happened after that, I just remember my friend telling me how much I’m a rebel.