nude with friend’s GF

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After college 3 of us friends were sharing an apartment. I was the ony one who had a PC and it was more a public computer than a personal one. All three of us had seen each other naked from our school days and had no qualms of being seen naked by the others. One day was very exausted and had gone to bed early and AS TOLD TO ME, the following happened:

One of the guys girlfriend was home that night and they started playing some games on my PC. The guys told her that I would be naked under the sheets and she did not believe so the guys lifted the sheets to show my nakedness to her and she laughed so they left me uncovered and soon the boyfriend dared her to kiss my ass and she came near my bed and blew a kiss and when the guys badgered her to give my ass a real kiss she instead petted my butt with her hand and when she touched I had turned around in my sleep showing her a full view of my genitals and she is supposed to her said that it looked cute.

When the guys told me, I dismissed it as a fabricated story so they got the girl to confirm the incident the next time she came home and the three of them teased me.