Humiliated In My Own Pool

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I am the only one in my neighborhood with a pool in my backyard. I can tell everyone must be jealous of it, especially in the summer but I never invite anyone to come over and swim. Its not that Im selfish about it, Im just a really shy person and dont have alot of friends. Well one day, despite having begged her NOT to, my mom invited her friends and some of their kids over to have a pool party. One of these kids was Sabrina, the girl I had a crush on since…well…before high school! I liked Sabrina for as long as i could remember. Unfortunately my mom also invited my aunt and my two twin cousins, Kim and Katie, who have always been downright evil to me. Im pretty sure their sole existence in life is to make MY life a living nightmare. So already with them (my mortal enemies) and Sabrina (my all-time crush) gathered in the same pool that i didn’t want to share due to my social awkwardness and shyness…I knew things were not going to end well. 

Immediately things went downhill. As soon as I Sabrina in her bathing suit I felt my self starting to get an erection. I couldnt help it! She usually dresses really conservatively and I had never seen so much of her skin. She was wearing this really cute, black two-piece and it was nearly impossible for me not to stare and ogle. Im pretty sure she noticed my eyes all over her and she seemed a little embarrassed by it but she was too nice to say anything about it. However my cousins noticed me staring as well and quickly picked up on how fond of her i was. My erection became a full-fledged hard-on one Sabrina got in the pool and got all wet and swam around gracefully. Luckily i was in the pool too and it was pretty easy to hide it under water. No one could tell there was a big bulge in my swimming trunks. No one except…Kim and Katie who were watching me stare at my crush and giggling the whole time….plotting their next diabolical move. 

At this point most of the adults there went inside for drinks. Which gave Kim and Katie the perfect opportunity to execute their plan. They swam up behind me and started giggling. I knew something wasn’t right. Kim asked everyone if they wanted to play a game of Marco Polo and they all agreed. Sabrina said she loved the game. “perfect!” Kim said “Then you’ll be the first to close your eyes!” So she did and the game began. Well once Sabrina’s eyes were closed Katie jumped on my back and pushed me under water. Kim then grabbed at my swimming trunks and started to pull them off. I tried to stop them but once Katie joined in and helped her yank them down I couldn’t stop them. They threw my trunks out of the pool and then brought me back up to the surface and shoved me towards Sabrina. She detected me near and lunged out and tagged me. I felt my erection brush against her thigh. I was too stunned to say anything. Then she opened her eyes and saw me there…naked. She screamed and my cousins and everyone else just laughed at me. Sabrina got out of the pool found my trunks and gave them back to me. she never really talked to me again since. Everyone else always remembers it and makes fun of me about it. And from that day on I never used my pool again.