Poor boy :(

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Ok, this didn’t exactly happen to me, but it was still pretty embarrassing for me because I had to deal with the kid, while everyone was still laughing and staring at him. Back like 3 years ago before I drove, I would go over to my lil brother’s elementary school after I got out of school (I was in 8th grade, my brother and his friends were in 3rd grade) because it was within walking distance and I got out at the same time the elementary kids did. I would pretty much babysit him and his group of friends for a couple hours while waiting for their parents (and ours) to pick us up. Usually, they would just play this game called grounders which was like blind tag, played only on the jungle gym/playground. Sounds dangerous I know, but none of em managed to get hurt, so I had no complaints. Well, I didn’t actually watch them most of the time, I usually did my homework lol. But this one day, my brother’s best friend Zack had an accident, and when I heard it, I looked up from my homework to see what happened to the poor little guy:

In the middle of a game of grounders, I heard a crackling noise, and when I looked up, Zack was standing on one of the higher platforms of the jungle gym, in a very weird position. One of his legs was way out, and he was standing on his tip toes on that foot. He just sort of stood there frozen, and everyone was starting to stare at him. I tried asking what was wrong, but then one of the girls in the group. walked up behind him, and pantsed him. I think she did this out of revenge because the previous week I remember my brother telling me that Zack had spilled her juice in her shoes which made her cry.

Anyways, Zack had crapped his pants. I sort of just stood there awkwardly at first, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! And then he started crying. He ran down from the jungle gym, tripping over his pants the whole way, and then stumbled right into me, and sort of just hugged me and hid behind me. Lucky for me, my babysitter instincts kicked in right there! I yelled at the kids to go away, and stop making fun of him, and pulled up his pants. Then I remembered that there was a water hose around the other side of the school where the garden was, so I took Zack there, meanwhile all the kids followed me, making fun of him the whole way. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to clean Zack up without them watching, and I didn’t want him to be even more humiliated by being seen naked, so I threatened to tell all of their parents if they didn’t go back to the playground and play. My little brother was actually not being a goofball for once; he refused to go back to the playground, but he didn’t make fun of Zack and actually helped me, which was sweet of him. I think it’s because they’ve seen each other naked a lot so he didn’t care.

Oh boy, then came the gross part, I had to clean him, and his underwear, using only water with no soap! It was so nasty, I nearly puked afterwards, but held it in so Zack wouldn’t feel bad. I actually did a good job of cleaning up (and I washed my hands for like 10 minutes after I got home lol)! I felt so bad for him, he had a crush on me too! I wanted to start asking him questions right then, but he looked really embarrassed. I didn’t want him to feel all awkward around me forevermore, so I promised him we would never speak of it again! Lucky for him, no¬†rumors¬†were spread. Apparently, hardly any kids actually saw that he had crapped his pants, and no one believed that girl over me (I made up this crazy cover story for why we went around to the other side of the school, something to do with a rip in his pants, and he got upset) because she was a little liar all the time! Apparently, everyone was just laughing at Zack’s underwear!