First day of P.E.

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I’m not sure how most boys get told to switch to boxers/find out about them, or at what age, but it sure isn’t any later than age 11, or how it happened to me! It was my first day of P.E. in 6th grade, and I might mention that before middle school, I never had to dress out in any way shape or form, except for a costume or two for a school play in elementary (in which case I did so in the bathroom).

When I got into the locker room, all the other boys were already changing out in the open, without any effort made to hide their underwear, so I figured hey, this is socially acceptable, and something I better get used to, so I followed suit. Well, since I was a bit socially retarded back then, I had no idea that briefs were only for little kids, or anything like that, so just right in front of everyone, I pulled my pants down revealing my underwear, and pulled on some gym shorts. At the time, I didn’t think anything about it. Only when someone whispered “nice panties” to me as he walked by, did I notice that everyone was wearing this strange underwear that was longer than mine! I told myself that all I had to do, was get through the rest of the day, and go underwear shopping with my mom, then I’d be fine! Getting through the rest of the day wasn’t the easy part though…..

We were outside in a gated area instead of in the gym that week, because of some construction work they were doing. After having explained what we were going to be doing this year in P.E. the coach suddenly left, and told us to behave, or else, so pretty much everyone started talking. I didn’t really have anyone to talk to, so I just sort of stood there near a group of guys talking, and listened, I mean hey, what else could I do? About 10 minutes passed and then kids started getting bored, because they were climbing trees, and playing this game called ninja. Little did I know that the whispering and giggling behind me was a plot being hatched. Before I knew it, two other boys had me by the arms and lifted up, and someone pulled my pants down to my ankles, and then right off of me! I tried kicking, but whoever it was behind me (it was this tall girl) was able to worm my shorts off. I screamed stop, but that obviously doesn’t ever work. The boys let go of my arms, and I chased the girl who had my shorts across the yard area, and I almost caught her, but she threw my shorts up into a tree. By this point, everyone was staring at me, and most kids started laughing! I immediately blushed, and pulled my shirt down to cover my underwear, but I don’t think it mattered, everyone already saw it.

If there’s one thing I hate more than a lot of people laughing at me, it’s a lot of people laughing at me AND making fun of me, and that’s what happened next. 

“Nice whitey-tighties!”
“Looks like someone needs to switch to boxers!”

“I think he’s gonna cry!”

Were among just a few of the things people said. But then I heard something that shocked me.

“Look, he peed himself!”

And sure enough when I looked down, there was a wet patch on my underwear, and a small puddle on the concrete. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I guess I fainted, because the next thing I remember is waking up in the nurse’s office with some sort of blanket covering me, and I was still in my underwear! Some girl was sitting in a chair near me, and when she saw me awake, she smiled and said “Those boys all got in huge trouble. I’ll go get the nurse now, and you should really switch to boxers!” Talk about a first day!