Shower for 2

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This happened to me last week. I am 11 and a boy. I was at my friend’s aunt’s house, but my parents were back home working. They made me stay with my friend and her aunt because of hurricane Sandy. However, we had still ended up losing power.

So, anyways, we had been waiting for power (and hot water) to come back, because there was none left for a shower, and we refused to shower in cold water. Both me and my friend needed a shower however.

Anyways, one day, she must have been really annoyed. She came and told us she needed to wash our clothes, and to strip down right now. We (reluctently) stripped down, with just my boxers and her undergarments. Her aunt aproached and then, quickly, pansted both of us, causing us both to fall over butt naked (she wasnt wearing a top). She then grabbed both of our arms and dragged us into the front yard (There was no one there, and plenty of trees up front. She then picked up a hose and hosed us down. My friend had seen all of me, and i saw all of her. By the time her aunt was done, there was no doubt we were clean, but she told us to stand still so she can “make sure”. After about 10 minuets, she told us to wait right there for a sec, she came out 5 minuets later saying we could come in, but she had to wash our clothes (More like punishment for refusing to take a cold shower, but our clothes were actually pretty messy. We didnt really pack too much because we didnt think we would be here so long). This made for a very awkward day, because we ended up falling asleep before she was done. Especially awkward because we are sharing a bed. The next day we still had to wait for our clothes to dry, but this time, she made us stand in a metal tub in the middle of a dining room and used a sponge to bathe us. We were facing each other too, making it worse, and i accidentally fell towards my friend, causing my private to touch her, which was HUMILIATING. She blushed too, and it was really awkward. Her aunt then made us play outside (in the back yard, though occasionaly we were brave/forgetful and went to the front), which was eventually fun, but embarrassing.

The power came back for us yesterday, but she still bathes us togther herself, just to embarrass us i think. But it has at least stopped bothering me as much. But she never lets me live down when i fell into her.