Naked Maid

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you guys probably saw my story about the babysitter to the 3 year old doctor.

so after we played doctor, i had to be her naked maid and do whatever she says. i really hated it. so she says, “maid, im thirsty, give me lemonade” so i did. then, her older brother came home from his band practice or whatever!!! i was really embarrassed and tried to ignore him and he tried to run upstairs. but the 3 year old said he had to stay and play with us. I WAS SOOOO MAD!!! so the girl gave me a break, but she said that her brother needed a check-up like i did.

SO i had to do ll the things she did to me, i had to touch his penis and give his naked body shots. she said i didnt look like i was having fun, and that i needed to relax more, so she pushed me closer to him, and i fell mouth-first on his dick!! the girl had no idea how wrong this was and noticed how big his dick was. she said it wasnt natural and that i needed to “suck out the fat”. she was forcing me to give him a blowjob naked. he couldnt control himself and jizzed in my mouth.

NO WHO SHOULD COME HOME BUT THEIR PARENTS. aahhhh, they refused to pay me, and they told my parents everything. 🙁